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Treatments to Overcome Constipation in Infants

constipation in babies
Have you ever had constipation? Constipation is very annoying isn’t it? It is health problem that could happen to anyone. Then, what would happen if your babies are experiencing constipation? Here are the treatments to overcome constipation in infants.

1. Try to make him do a little exercise. For example, if your baby is able to crawl, make him to crawl back and forth several times. If your baby can not crawl yet, try to lift his feet while he slept on his back, move his legs slowly as if pedaling a bicycle.

2. Gently massage the baby's stomach. Measure about 3 fingers below the belly button and massage gently but give little pressure using your fingertips. Press until you feel the hard part. Do it for about 3 minutes.

3. If your baby is drinking formula, asks your doctor, should he change the brand of milk formula? In some babies, they rarely constipation if they drink soy milk.

4. If your baby has started eating solid foods, try reducing the portions of food that can cause constipation such as rice, bananas, and carrots that are cooked. Mommy could give a little apple juice or a few tablespoons of pear or apricot that have been mashed.

5. If the poop of your baby hardly gets out, usually it could tear the skin around the 'way out'. Mommy can apply aloe vera lotion on the skin that was torn.

6. If the above methods cannot overcome constipation in babies, talk to your pediatrician.

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Home Facial Treatments to Reduce Blackhead and Whitehead

Blackheads can disturb our appearance. We often do not think much about it and tend to panic when acne appears on our face.

Actually, if we diligently clean our face well, we will avoid any problems on our skin as well.

You should know more about your skin type so that you can care for and maintain the health of your skin.
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Improve Your Mood with Exercise

Exercise is not only healthy and helps you tighten and streamline your body but also can make you happier and relieve stress. Here are three movements that are proven be able to release endorphins that give rise to feelings of pleasure.

1. Squatting between the seats. Try to stand with both feet between the two seats. Open legs approximately shoulder width. Put your hands on the back of the seat. Keep your upper back straight. Squat until your buttock touch the back seat. Hold for a moment and then return to start position. You can repeat this movement up to 12 times.

2. Push up against the wall in slow motion. Put your hands on the wall. Hands at chest height and upper body straight. Gently bend your elbows until chest touches the wall. Then straighten your body slowly to push back up to a standing position. Repeat 8 to 12 times.

3. Sit up to evoke the spirit. Lie down on your back with your knees bent, open your legs approximately shoulder width. Both hands behind the ears and chin pointing upward. Exhale through the mouth while lifting shoulder blades 3 to 4 inches off the floor. Hold for 2 seconds, inhale through your nose while lowered slowly without your hands touching the floor. Repeat for 8 to 12 times.

After you do these movements you should drink water in order to restore your energy. Good luck!
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