4 Good Reasons Why You Should Eat Slowly

Well, currently it seems more and more people competing with time. However, did you know that life without a break like that could make you stressed and unhealthy? Likewise, if you eat in a hurry, then it will harm your body and your own health.

Why you are advised to eat slowly? Just take a look at some of the benefits below.

Weight loss
Maybe this could be the most powerful reason for every woman to start eating slowly. The study found that by eating slowly will make you consume fewer calories.

In fact, more than 10 kg weight can be lost within a year if you slow the speed of eating. For about 20 minutes required the brain to detect that you are full. Therefore, if you eat too fast, then you will still eat even though the body had passed the point of fill.

Could be enjoying the food
It’s difficult to enjoy the food in front of us when we eat a high speed. Instead, make time to dine as an enjoyable culinary tour experience.

If you complain to the type of food in front of you, then just remember one thing: many people out there are starving. So, be thankful if this day you can eat, and enjoy it.

Digestion saved
When will the digestive system to work? When you start eating. Where the system is started? It’s started from your mouth. If you have studied biology at school, then you will know that the digestive system is not only involved the stomach and intestines, but also the oral cavity.

If you eat slowly, and this means you will chew food well (until tender), then you are actually working mitigate the stomach and intestines. This means your digestive system work 'task sharing' and work together well. Congratulations!

Can reduce stress
Eat slowly and with regard to the food consumed can be an opportunity to train our minds. Enjoy each food into the mouth, enjoy your meals and forget for a moment about the unfinished report you write. When eating is a time, dismiss the thought of fatigue or other work.

So, how do you willing to change the velocity moment of your meal? Do it because it is good for your own health.
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