Benefits of Banana

If you are look carefully at most of athlete, their most favorite nutrient intake is bananas! Yes, bananas became the savior for them. Bananas can be easily absorbed by the body and restore their peak energy.

In general, some nutrients contained in each ripe bananas are as follows: calories 99 calories, 1.2 grams protein, 0.2 fat grams, carbohydrates 25.8 milligrams (mg), 0.7 grams fiber, 8 mg calcium, phosphorus 28 mg, 0.5 mg iron, 44 RE vitamin A, 0.08 mg vitamin B, vitamin C 3 mg and 72 grams of water.

Banana has very much nutrient in it, consisting of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, fat, etc., so that if people just ate a banana, have minimally adequate nutrients.

Select the best qualified bananas!
Choose ripe bananas, whose skin is yellowish green with brown or yellow spots, because it would be easy to digest, and fruit sugar naturally converted into glucose quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, raw banana would be difficult to digest.

Various Benefits of Bananas

Power Source Power
Bananas can easily digested, the sugar found in fruit is converted into a good source of energy quickly, and that's good in the formation of the body, to work the muscles, and very good to relieve fatigue.

Benefits for You and Your Baby
Bananas are also recommended for pregnant women consumed because they contain folic acid, which is easily absorbed through the womb fetus. However, do not be too much, because one banana contains about 85-100 calories.

Benefits to Patients with Anemia
Two bananas are eaten by anemia patients each day is enough, because it contains high Fe (iron).

Benefits for Colon and Stomach Illness
Banana milk mixed with liquid (or put in a glass of liquid milk) can serve as a remedy in cases of intestinal disease. It can also be recommended for patients with abdominal pain and Colic to neutralize stomach acidity.

A banana served as a defense against inflammation because vitamin C can be quickly processed. He transforms dangerous bacillus into a bacillus friendly. Thus, both will be saved.

Mashed banana or banana cream (such as for baby food), can be consumed by patients suffering from diarrhea.

Benefits for People with Lever
Patients with liver disease for good if you eat a banana plus one tablespoon of honey, will increase appetite and create a strong.

Benefit for Burn Injuries
Banana leaves can be used for the treatment of burned skin, a mixture of banana leaf ash plus coconut oil has a cooling influence of the skin.

Banana and Beauty
Banana porridge mixed with a little milk and honey, dabbed at his face on a regular basis every day for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water then rinse with cold water or ice, repeated for 15 days, will produce an amazing effect on the skin.

Bananas for Body Weight Set
Bananas also have a role in weight loss as well as to raise the weight. Has proved a person lose weight by dieting 4 (four) and bananas 4 (four) cups of non fat milk or fresh milk per day at least 3 days a week, the number of calories in 1250 only and the menu is healthy.

In addition, these diets do not make skin greasy and clean. On the other hand, consume a glass of banana milk shake mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, and mango after dinner, would raise the weight.
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