Toxins in a Cigarette

Do you know, in a cigarette, there are 4000 more chemicals and gases? What are they? What are the implications for health?

The most dangerous substances between 4000 and gas chemicals in cigarettes is nicotine. Every time someone smoking a cigarette, she put nicotine into the lungs and into his brain. Research has shown that nicotine can cause addiction, like heroin and cocaine. Nicotine can also cause constriction of blood vessels. Narrow blood vessels that make more difficult the blood flow throughout the body. Organs (important parts) the body becomes starved of oxygen because blood flow is not smooth. This makes the heart is forced to work harder to pump blood. As a result, high blood pressure and rapid heart becomes damaged or diseased.

Tar, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
Besides nicotine, the other most dangerous substances are tar and carbon monoxide. Tar is one of the cancer-causing substances. Carbon monoxide is a gas similar to the smoke released by vehicle exhaust. Carbon monoxide can cause red blood cells is difficult to absorb oxygen, which can disrupt the heart work properly. While carbon dioxide is a respiratory gas remaining to be immediately expelled from the lungs.
The Other dangerous toxins
The other dangerous toxins such as ammonia (floor cleaner ingredients), naphthalene (substance camphor), hydrogen cyanide (poison used for the execution), acetone (nail polish remover, toluene (solvent), methanol (rocket fuel), arsenic (ant poison), cadmium (car battery materials), DDT (insecticide), vinyl chloride (plastic materials), and others.

Stay away from smokers
There are two types of cigarette smoke which inhaled by human: direct smoke and indirect smoke. Direct smoke is smoke that comes out of the smoker's mouth. Whle indirect smoke is smoke that comes out of a burning cigarette. A person who does not smoke, but was forced to inhale cigarette smoke of others is called passive smokers. A passive smoker is greater danger than the smoker or current smoker. Because they have been smoking for many years, active smoker's body makes antibodies that may reduce the absorption of toxins in the body.

Smoking can accelerate the death
If the passive smoker are children, that will be more danger. Inhaled poison will affect the body organs like lungs and heart. If the organs are affected since childhood, the body will be more susceptible to disease. American Cancer Research Center said, smokers could lose 20 to 25 years of his life. That means, cigarettes can cause organs easily damaged and this will accelerate the death.

Well, now we all know that a cigarette was storing huge danger. Therefore, let the people you love begin to stop smoking. Moreover, by not smoking, we helped maintain clean and healthy air.
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