Coconut Milk Causes High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy white substance that circulates in the blood circulation. This substance is important to help build the cell walls and produce several hormones. 70 - 80% liver produces cholesterol in the blood, whereas 20-30% comes from everyday foods.

Cholesterol only makes a problem when circulating in the blood more than the body needs. Excess cholesterol will accumulate in artery walls and eventually narrowed and hardened arteries (atherosclerosis process). This process can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

High cholesterol levels in the blood can also be caused by consumption of foods rich in saturated fats like coconut milk-containing foods. It could also be due to one of the families suffering from high cholesterol or a disease such as diabetes, liver disease, or thyroid disease.

Cholesterol is found in foods derived from animals, especially dairy products, meat, egg yolks, and shellfish. Cholesterol is not found in plant foods. Even so, consumption of too much saturated fat like coconut milk and vegetable oils can stimulate the liver to produce more cholesterol.

To lower cholesterol, after enjoying dishes using coconut milk, try to follow this trick:

* Make a note everything you eat for the whole all day. This will make you realize how many fried or saturated fatty foods in the stomach.

* Avoid frying food. Try to boil, steam, and roast or grill your food.

* Cook chicken without skin and lean meats.

* Eat fish or chicken rather than red meat.

* Limit your intake of eggs to two eggs a week. Choose the whites of eggs and remove yolks.

* Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hopefully useful.
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