How to Overcome Acne On The Back

Acne on the back often makes us does not confident in the dressing slightly open. So from now on, get rid of acne scars on your back. These some steps you should do:

* After a bath, rub a lemon juice on the surface of the back skin slowly and let sit for a while. Then rinse with warm water.

* Scrub twice a week. Perform herbal or scrubbing treatment for peeling die skin cells on a regular basis. Go with the treatment at least twice a week. You can do it yourself at home, ask for help from others, or skin therapist in a salon or spa.

Before scrubbing, do massage with essential oils in the back skin to relax. Massage using the middle finger with a circular motion, evenly across the back. In the neck, use a pressing motion from top to bottom.

Then, apply the entire surface of the back with scrub. Select a granulated product circular scrub and avoid scrubbing too hard in order to avoid skin irritate. If your skin is quite sensitive, apply olive oil used previously.

* Apply lotion after bathing. Skin on the back also needs moisture like other body parts skin. Because of that, apply lotion after a bath regularly. Select the type of lightweight lotions that contain lots of water for use every day.
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