Stop Smoking Tips

Do you have a desire to quit smoking, but that bad habits that adverse health would not stop? Did you know that by eating certain foods could help smokers stop smoking tobacco desire? Consider the following article to find out more information!

Based on research undertaken by Duke University there are four types of food that can make cigarettes taste bad. By consuming these foods, a smoker can eliminate the feeling addicted to smoking. These foods are:

1. Fruits
2. Vegetables
3. Dairy products
4. Non-carbonated beverages such as water and fruit juices

In addition there are three types of food that makes smoking more enjoyable. The smokers who intend to quit, should avoid

1. Meat
2. Coffee
3. Alcoholic beverages

Although not yet be explained further, researchers speculate that certain foods trigger the production of saliva, which makes cigarettes taste better or less good.
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