How to Cure hemorrhoids Effectively

Hemorrhoid is one of the most troublesome diseases. Patients with this disease will easily feel pain when they sit for a considerably long time. The pain can be severe when they go to the bathroom to take pup. Many attempt to take medicine to cure the pain. However, this effort might work temporarily. This is not the best way to heal hemorrhoid.

It is important for those who have this disease know how to treat hemorrhoids well, because if not immediately and correctly treated, this disease will be very disturbing. Hemorrhoid sufferers also should learn the hemorrhoids guide and to take some steps to heal it. The patient might try these following efforts:

1. Breathe clean air deeply, pulling into the rectum with a vengeance (in), then exhale slowly while relaxing the anus. Repeat 10-25 times, 2-3 times a day.

2. Do the movements slowly squat 25 times. When the squat, exhale and inhale while standing in deeply.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits a lot.

4. Reduce the consumption of chili and spicy foods-spicy.

5. Sleep enough.

6. Do not sit too long.

7. Gymnastics or do sports enough.

8. Consult with your doctor about medication.
Hopefully useful.
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