Seven Ways to Remove Wrinkles without Surgery

Wrinkles in the skin are not inevitable as age continues to climb. Still, there are many ways to minimize it. The face became young and smooth back in relatively quick time.

Wrinkles in our face are signs of aging. If wrinkles appear on face, it seems very clearly indicate a person getting old. In certain people, the lines can be etched in the mouth and nose. Also usually also looked around the skin of the lower jaw.

Here are some tips to eliminate wrinkles without surgery:

1. Overlay Sleeping
American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that the best sleeping position was overlay. Since sleeping on side can improve wrinkles in our chin and cheeks, while sleeping on stomach will make wrinkles on the forehead.

2. Salmon Fish Consumption
Salmon is a good source of protein to form a beautiful skin since omega-3 found in salmon can provide nutrients to the skin and make it look young.

3. Do not do Frown
AAD said advance movement repeatedly like a squint, frown, making faces overworked muscles and form a hollow beneath the skin surface. This curve will eventually become wrinkles.
Do not forget to wear sunglasses to protect the skin around the eyes from the sun, sun glasses also prevents squinting when exposed to light.

4. Use Creams Containing AHA
Creams containing AHAs help stimulate collagen production to keep skin youthful.

5. Do not Excessive Cleaning Face
Cleaning the face too often can remove oil and moisture that naturally protects the skin. Use a special soap that contains moisturizing face to wash it.

6. Soybean Consumption
Soybean proved able to protect and help heal skin damage due to sunlight. The study, published in European Journal of Nutrition reports that soy supplements also contain vitamins. Protein, fish, and white tea extract, grape seed, and tomatoes can help improve skin structure and skin elasticity after 6 months of consumption.

7. Familiarize Healthy Ritual for Face
In order to get young skin, avoid exposure to sunlight directly. Do not forget to wear sunscreen before leaving the house, do not smoke, and always use a moisturizer.
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