Banana As powerful as the Anti-HIV Drugs

Banana is not only good for digestion but also potentially protect from the AIDS virus against.

In a laboratory experiment, the scientists found that the compound known as BanLec in bananas, as powerful as two anti-HIV drugs are now available. In a study published in the journal Biological Chemistry, the scientists reported that BanLec as effective as two anti-HIV drugs are now used, T-20 and Maraviroc.

The compound is a Lectin, a chemical that is naturally contained in plants and function against infection. Researchers from the United States found, Lectin in the banana could prevent HIV infection by blocking entry of viruses into the body. BanLec worked in the protein that surrounds HIV genetic material.

"The problem is, the virus could mutate and become resistant to HIV drugs available today. But, the process will be difficult mutations occur in the presence of Lectin," explained study leader Michael Swanson of the University of Michigan, was quoted as saying website, edition Tuesday (16 / 3). Lectin, Swanson said, could bind the sugar found in various different points in the packaging of HIV-1.

Swanson is developing a process to change and create BanLec and make these components suitable for human patients. Researchers believe that BanLec can be used alone or combined with another anti-HIV drug.
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