8 Tips Overcoming Insomnia

Difficult to sleep at night can bring bad effect on health. It can also trigger depression. The cause was difficult to sleep on, each one is different, but according to research due to job stress and financial problems make people more difficult to sleep.

But you can overcome this difficulty sleeping problems. Follow eight ways below to overcome insomnia easily and you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

1. Stop worrying.
Worried about problems that you experience every day will make you hard just closed my eyes. If concerns are the cause, try to be more relaxed.

Overcome your problems and shorten the period of your insomnia. However, if you are still having insomnia after overcoming a problem, you should go is to the doctor.

2. Avoid exercise two hours before bedtime.
Exercising before bedtime or two hours before bed will reduce the feeling of relaxation. You need to reduce your energy level, so do the activities that bring a sense of relaxed in the moments before sleep.

3. Avoid stimuli.
Do not consume caffeine after late afternoon, avoiding alcohol and smoking, especially in the moments before sleep. We recommend drinking one cup of non-caffeine tea, chamomile tea is best for relaxing.

4. Create a comfort zone for sleep.
Comfort zone moments before bed you can customize to the needs, for example, the coolness of the room, bright and dark room, tranquility or may have to turn off electrical appliances.

There are certain people who need total quiet to be able to sleep, so avoid ticking clock in the room. Do not work, eat, watch TV and read in bed.

5. Drink a little water at night.
Many drinks will make you dying for a pee. Definitely that is not fun, in the middle of deep sleep you suddenly get the urge to the bathroom. If necessary, drink one cup of hot tea or a half glass of water before bed.

6. Sleep only at bedtime.
Long sleep during the day will only change the normal cycles of your sleep schedule. Avoid excessive napping to be able to sleep soundly at night.

7. Make the bedroom a comfortable place.
You can get rid of your worries when you go to bed. Use your lunchtime to think about all the problems. If indeed you need to write whatever problem you think, do it outside the bedroom.

Make the bedroom as a place farthest from worry. If you need to write the rules and stick on the wall of the room so that you always remember. Before you get into bed, say it loudly for not thinking of anything that makes you feel uneasy.

8. Abstain.
If 15 minutes pass and you still cannot sleep, leave the room and do something that makes you feel relaxed. Warm bath, read a book or stretching can help to overcome a time like this. After 20 or 30 minutes, you can go back to bed. If this still fails, repeat this activity.

Sleep enough and sleep is needed to make you feel fresh and healthy. With thought and feeling fresh, guaranteed you will be able to conduct any activity better.
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