Why is Folic Acid Important?

Our body needs folic acid to be consumed. Folic acid is very important to keep us healthy, especially for pregnant women or those planning a pregnancy.

Basically, all women of childbearing age (11-49 years) need at least 400 micrograms (mcg) folic acid or folic acid each day.

It is important to get adequate folic acid intake, even when you are not pregnant despite the conditions. Folic acid is a vitamin that can prevent the defect of birth. This compound is becoming increasingly necessary especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

How to get folic acid?
There are three easy ways to get the intake of folic acid every day.

1. Consumption of food or cereal for breakfast that has 100 percent DV (Daily Value) or the value of folic acid daily. You can check the labels on the food boxes.

2. Consumption of multivitamins that contain folic acid.

3. Make a healthy diet. Including several types of vegetables consumed that contains a lot of folic acid such as asparagus, spinach, beans and fruits like bananas, oranges.

Further, should consult with your doctor about the need for folic acid.
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