Basketball Summers

The summer months are warm for me, and they mean that I can once again enjoy my favorite game, basketball. I'm no champion, and I'm far from tall and professional, but I've managed to enjoy a great deal of fun in the summer. There are several indoor courts that I play at during the colder months, but when the sun is out, I make sure to play with the teens, and college students. I usually keep up with them for a few minutes before getting tired and watching them score amazing shots, and some of them even dunk. Although I'm the older guy out there, I still have a great deal of fun.

The summer doesn't just push forward a great sense of sports for me live; it brings out the NBA playoffs and championships. I follow my favorite teams in the NBA via Tv By Direct, but when the pro's aren't playing for the most coveted prize in basketball, I try to fight my way up the ranks of the local community.

Since I was a child, I've been playing basketball, trying to keep in shape, despite my age. I've managed to still keep a few skills, and some might agree that I have a nice three point shot. When I'm not running laps or getting ready to play, I like to shoot from the 3-point line, so I am ready to hit the outside shots. I don't usually drive through the lane, but if you leave me alone outside of the three-point line, I'm dangerous.

* Thanks to my good friend John Kessle for the guest post.
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