Be Intimately Clean and Handy

Do you want to feel fresh with daily feminine wash products all day long? Intimore™ Corporation makes the products that are great for your ultimate refreshing use in your daily basis or odor regular protection. If your skin is sensitive, getting through menstruation or during menopause phase of your life, Intimore™ offers a very helpful product on your behalf.

Intimore™ offers the product under the cleansing wash categories called To-Go wipes when you are having your busy days at work, trips, or outdoor activity. You can keep the product inside your bag everyday for perfect cleanliness at any time you need it. The hypo-allergenic cleansing wipes are Sodium Laureth (SLS/SLES) and parabens free. The product is great to help prevent unpleasant odors. It contains Allantoin to soothe your skin, in addition to Lactic Acid to increase your vagina's natural protection and pH 3.5 level formulation. This handy ultra soft feminine intimate wipes is alcohol free.

This is the ideal solution for your intimate cleanliness, anywhere you are and no matter what your activity. You can carry the intimate wipes and they are handy to use while working or on trips. If you want to purchase the product, please visit and you will get more information about it.
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