Exercise and watch TV

When I watch TV I’m not your average couch potato. I have such a busy schedule that I can’t always get to the gym so a lot of times when I’m watching my favorite shows at home after work, I stretch and hold yoga poses.

I realize many yoga practitioners may be horrified by this scenario because a big focus of the practice is relaxation. However, I watch reality shows like “The Bachelorette” to unwind and am able to concentrate on my Cable programming while I hold poses. But I do get a little assistance from my CLEAR Internet by keeping my laptop open to instructional pages of yoga poses on health and exercise websites.

I try hard to stay active especially since I sit at a desk all day and my health and wellness has always been so important to me.

While other people may be parked on the couch, chowing down on microwave meals or potato chips while they watch exciting season finales I’ll be breathing deeply and holding a sun salutation.

* Guest post written by Julia Tilley
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