Exercising by Using the Internet with My Children

When I decided to start losing weight I used my hughesnet satellite internet to get online and do some research. We recently installed internet service from hughesnet in Arkansas. After several attempts to build myself a cardio program I found out that line dancing was one of the highest calorie burning activities. I started using YouTube to build a playlist of current club music and dances. I taught myself four or five with the help of my children and other teens in the complex I live in.

Now my kids jump in and dance to their favorite YouTube songs when I work out. My littlest one is two and knows most of the dances now, so it is a great time with the family. We all argue over which songs we want to do and how many times.

We do this for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, several times a day. The kids love the energy break and I like having the break in the day to have some fun. Music is a big part of our lives so it is fitting to work out and spend time with my children using the videos online using hughs net. Once the dances became easy for us, we started using weights on our wrists and ankles to get a better workout. This keeps us all healthy and builds strength, so other workouts aren't necessary.

* Thanks to guest blogger Alex Rogers!
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