Falls in the home account for more personal accidents than are caused by drunk drivers according to some reports. The kitchen is usually the most accident prone area of the house click here. If you stand back and take a close look at your kitchen, you can make a good evaluation of what things in your kitchen are liable to send you falling or burning or cutting yourself. Those three results of accidents are the ones that usually send people to the hospital where statistics on home related accidents and other areas are recorded.

Your best bet in preventing slips in the kitchen is to get rid of mats next to the kitchen sink, at the door or elsewhere. Even if you use mats with rubber backings, falls are possible if they get wet, absorb moisture or are not cleaned regularly. A heavy rubber entrance mat is safer than a slippery mat inside the door that can send you on a roller coaster ride down the basement steps, if you aren't always careful.

Burning yourself in the kitchen is a common accident that can be preventable. Always keep an oven mitt nearby and not on top of the range. Never reach over to stir food on a back burner. Always open the oven door, pull out the oven rack and then take care of your food. Never reach into the oven before pulling out the oven rack.

Cutting yourself while cutting bread or using a butcher block is not your most obvious source of cuts. Cutting yourself while opening cans is a source of cuts. Never put a can that has been opened with jagged ends into the fridge to keep, empty it into a bowl. Never hold a loaf of bread against your chest and cut it with a sharp knife towards yourself. Always use a butcher block to cut bread.

* This is a guest post written by Darryl Zirkind.
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