Overcome Balding Man Starting Age 21

Men begin to experience hair loss before the age of 21. Even the American Hair Loss Association reported approximately 85 percent of men will experience hair thinning in large numbers when entering the age of 50.

Stop smoking
Some studies, such as webmd.com site quoted, showed a close association between smoking and accelerated deterioration in male pattern baldness. Therefore, if you still need more reasons to quit smoking, baldness could be one of them.

Does wearing a hat habit will trigger hair loss? This is not true. Other activities, such as ruffled hair, comb, brush or hair loss also does not trigger. However, avoid scrambling or combing hair too hard to prevent fractures.

Hair loss and health
Fortunately, in most cases, hair loss (alopecia) does not indicate a medical disorder. Hair loss does not increase the risk of health problems. However, it is likely this issue will make you worry about appearances.

Causes of hair loss
More than 95 per cent of cases of male hair loss caused by heredity or genetics. Genes can be derived from the father or mother. In some cases, certain drugs, such as excess vitamin A or protein deficiency can lead to hair loss. Moderate chronic hair loss (telogen effluvium) may be caused by disease or stress.

Preventive action is much easier than replace hair loss. If you want to find an effective way to prevent your hair loss, it is better. But make sure more thoroughly. Most products and treatments to prevent hair loss is a clone. If in doubt, consult a doctor or a dermatologist.

Drug hair loss: minoxidil
Although there is no cure for male pattern baldness, you can slow the loss with some medications. Drug minoxidil is sold freely in pharmacies and has received Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA). These drugs are proven to slow hair loss in men and some cases even grow new hair. But as soon as discontinued the use, hair will fall out again.

Hormone known as DHT causes hair follicles shrinks. In the end, the hair follicles will greatly shrink so that hair cannot grow anymore in it.

Hair loss drugs: Finasteride
Prescription pills are working to slow hair loss by slowing the production of DHT in the body. Some of the men claimed to have new hair growth when using this drug. In general, these drugs are more effective than otherwise minoxidil. However, pregnant women are prohibited from using Finasteride. The reason these drugs can cause birth defects in male fetuses. Just like minoxidil, this drug is only effective when used.

Hair Transplant
In this process, doctors will remove healthy hair from the back and both sides of the head to the bald crown of the head area to restore the natural appearance of hair. Hair transplants like this tend to be expensive and require several processes. Within six months, the hair will look normal again.

Maximize the remaining hair
You can use several tricks to cover the hair style that has been shed. Short cut will be able to disguise thin hair areas are experiencing thinning head of hair. In addition, you can try care products that can increase the volume of hair. In addition, do not forget to eat a balanced diet.
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