Running a Marathon at 70

Here I am, lined up with 100's of others all over the age of 60 ready to run a 50 mile marathon. How did I get here I think to myself. I am 70 for crying out loud! I should be getting Miracle ear hearing aid adjusted and sitting in a rocking chair.

But no, here I am. Running 50 miles today. And after this race I am schedule for a nice relaxing senior spa!. It also began for me a few years ago. My children convinced me that I was getting to old to live alone and it would be in my best interest if I moved into a senior care facility. Reluctantly, I had agreed. Once I got there though I was shocked at the level of activity that went on there. Didn't these people know they are old and are just waiting for death to take them?

I laugh about it now, but at dinner I got ganged up on by a bunch of over active seniors that seemed to be from another planet with their exuberance and zest for life. They went on to explain to me you can’t sit around complaining about hearing aids and waiting for the grim reaper. You have decide to live! They encouraged me to take advantage of the technologies and the tools available for seniors. So that is what I did. From that day forward my life has been a whirlwind of senior party after party. And that is how I got to be standing on the starting line waiting for the gun to give the all go in a 50 mile marathon.

* Guest post by blogger Fran Liveck.
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