Teaching Yoga

I started yoga long before I retired as an addition to my workout regimen that would help relieve stress from my corporate job. But then it became my hobby and later my second profession after I retired a few years ago.

It’s so peaceful to go to work and stretch and exercise instead of sit at a desk for eight hours. Plus, I’ve made some great friends who have started out as students in my class.

I like to play calming music lowly in the background while we go through poses and I always keep it at a certain volume level that’s seemed to work over the years. But recently I had noticed that I had to turn it up louder to hear it and had trouble hearing myself speak as I talked through the motions. This seemed to affect some of my regular students and they didn’t seem to concentrate as much as they normally do as a result.

I realized that this was a problem I should address and got fitted with some Hearing Aids by Miracle Ear so I could hear better and put my students at ease.

Since getting them, my classes have shifted back to business as usual with my students concentrating and relaxing as they should.

* Guest post written by Clarice Mifflin
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