Three Tips to Overcome Dry and Chapped Lips

Lips are the most sensitive areas of the skin to sunlight, wind and cold, dry air. Certainly, the effect is to make less confident because the lips become dry and cracked.

There are several easy ways to make the lips are not dry and cracked:

1. Meet the intake of nutritious foods and drink plenty of water
Expand the consumption of foods rich in vitamins are important for the skin of the lips. For example, nuts to acquire iron and fruits those contain many vitamins B and C. Do not forget to drink water at least 2 liters per day. With food and mineral intake is sufficient, your lips become moister and not cracked.

2. Reduce the presence in the room that uses air conditioning
If you cannot, you can perform maintenance, one of them by using a clean towel. Dampen the towel with normal temperature water or room temperature and then paste in the mouth about 10 minutes. Next, use a lip moisturizer. A good lip moisturizer is non-scented lip-gloss and no color. The problem some people are allergic to color and perfumed moisturizers.

3. Avoid biting or licking lips
Continuous wetting the lips will be easy to make dry lips, because the layer that protects the lips or called the barrier (protective layer) to be damaged when exposed to enzymes contained in saliva.

For those of you who have asthma or eczema gene lineage, dry lips and cracked it cannot be eliminated due to genetic factors cannot be changed.
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