How to Bring in Happy Mood

We are realize or not, sometimes our mood changes. Everything we do feels so heavy and boring if we are bad mood. Here's the way how we can drive out bad mood:

1. Laugh More Often
Only with a laugh, we can immediately expel the boredom. Levels of stress and feeling healthy will recover, so the enjoyment of life can be felt. The way is simple as listen to jokes, watch a comedy movie, or laughing with our friends.

2. Trying to Keep Busy
Sometimes, the mood is so gloomy if we do nothing. Perform tasks that are quickly producing something, like clean up the file in the office or paint the home wall. The mood will improve when the task was completed.

3. Listen to Music
Any kind of music can lift your mood. For those who listen to music, usually they are more optimistic, happy, friendly, relaxed, and calm. The music lovers are also happier.

4. Avoid Toxic Friend
People are full of poison can put poison into our emotions. Avoid people who constantly criticize ourselves, make our spirits down, and give negative comments. Begin to make friends with people who are happy and optimistic.

5. Keep Body Stay Fit
Exercise can relieve stress by increasing the heartbeat and reduce muscle tension. Aerobics 30 minutes as jogging and cycling can reduce the tension of the body, make the body relax, think more clearly, and overcoming frustration. Exercise also stimulates the brain to release endorphins, which give a sense of happy and healthy.
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