Tips for Successful Diet

For those of you, who are on a diet, be aware of some of the following ingredients, which can fail your diet program.

1. Saturated Fat
Saturated fats make insulin increased in a little time. Only a minute after digested by the body. Moreover, the body does not know how to parse these saturated fats well. The body recognizes it as a refined carbohydrate. So that, you need replace your cooking oil with oils that contain monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, peanut or canola.

2. Glutamate
It is an artificial amino acid that is used as a flavor enhancer in food. One of them is the monosodium glutamates or MSG.

It is said, after three minutes of taking it, your body releases insulin to high levels. And then in the sense of taste receptors will send commands to the brain, so you have the desire to eat and eat again.

3. Artificial sweetener or saccharin
This artificial sugar substitutes can deceive you with assumed as real sugar. In fact, by taking it will make the pancreas produce the hormone insulin which also appears the same when you are eating pure sugar.

To anticipate these, eat something that contains protein to slow absorption of food molecules through the intestinal wall so that saccharin is not going to increase your blood sugar levels.

Also avoid saccharin-containing neurotoxins that can cause irritation to the eye nerve.
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