Stop Smoking Tips

You might know the bad effects of smoking. But do you know that the bad effects it also will be on your family. For passive smokers, the risk of lung cancer increased by 24% and 25% for heart disease.

For that, maybe you can try the following tips to stop smoking habit:

1. Clean the house from the attributes of cigarettes, such as cigarette packets, ashtrays and lighters. The smell of cigarettes will stimulate you to be tempted back to smoking. Invite all your friends and colleagues to help fellow smokers not to smoke in front of you.

2. Be patient, especially in a period of one to two weeks.

3. Take the positive side of quitting smoking and get support from neighborhood and family, to help ease the process and realize the stop smoking.

4. Find the busy and physical activity at the times you normally smoke to improve mood and reduce symptoms of addiction.
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