Beware of Cholesterol in Coconut Milk

coconut milk
Savory coconut milk is very tasty on the tongue but the coconut milk from fresh coconut also has a fat content. You need to be careful in consuming the fat, because saturated fat can makes blood cholesterol levels rise.

In 100 ml of coconut milk or 100 gr grated coconut, cholesterol was accounted for nearly as much as 90%. Imagine if you eat almost all foods that contain coconut milk. With increasing levels of cholesterol in the body, can trigger various types of emerging diseases.

In one study stated that the coconut milk contains lauric acid which efficacious as a medicine, such as to reduce hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. However, because the long cooking process, for hours at high temperatures, makes the healthy fatty acids turn into trans fats that are bad.

The formation of trans fats are mixed with a saturated fatty acid content which is already widely available in the coconut. Thus increasing the levels of LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) which also known as bad cholesterol. If LDL levels are increased, it causes the arteries clogged with cholesterol and blood circulation would be disrupted as it is covered fat.

To stay healthy you should limit intake of foods containing coconut milk. Replace with fresh foods such as fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Besides absorbable, fruits and vegetables also contain fiber and vitamins that are good for your body.
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