Recognize the Causes of Dehydration in children

There are some health problems are often experienced by children. One of them is dehydration or lack of fluids. Thus, recognize the symptoms of dehydration so you can handle it properly.

Generally, children are dehydrated due to lack of drinking or lack of fluids that enter their body. This may occur due to the children are too busy playing so they forget to drink.

Besides the lack of fluid, there are also other causes of dehydration in children, including:

* Influenza or cold
Dehydration can happen when kids are sick with the flu or cold. Although do not frequently vomiting and do not pee, they will still feel weak as hunger and thirst people. Typically, this happens because they refuse to eat or drink.

* Fatigue
Even if your children do not play too much and getting enough sleep. Fatigue may occurs to them. It is caused by a lot of sweat or energy that comes out.

* Infected with the virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea
Although your children do not to pee frequently, get enough sleep, and do not exhausted by playing, they may become dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea are experienced.
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