Vitamin C for Skin Elasticity

Although known as a vitamin that can provide additional energy for the body, vitamin C also has other efficacy. Vitamin C is one of vitamins that easily soluble in water and another known as ascorbic acid.

Other benefits is to help the absorption of iron, as an antioxidant, increases fecal waste, and prevent bleeding gums. Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that vitamin C also acts to counteract the cancer-causing toxins in our bodies.

The best source of vitamin C many derived from fruits yellow or sour taste. For example, oranges, tomatoes, strawberry. Vitamin C is also contained in vegetables, such as asparagus and cabbage. Animal source is milk, butter, potatoes, fish, and liver.

The recommended intake depends on the lifestyle that we do every day. For example, a smoker needs this vitamin more than non-smokers do. The reason, in the toxicity of cigarettes can reduce levels of vitamin C in the blood as much as 25 percent. In general, the recommended intake is 75-2000 mg per day, as needed. Handful of fresh blueberries contains approximately 30 mg of vitamin C.

However, pregnant women should not consume more vitamin C than 5,000 mg per day. If consumed in excessive amounts, the fetus can be dependent vitamin C. This information is based on research conducted by Oregon Health & Science University.
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