How to Sunbathe Properly and Safely

This time we will talk a little about sunbathe. Is a little unique, but by knowing how to sunbathe properly you can feel the benefits for your health without paying a dime.

Sunbathe as we usually do on the beach is very important to improve our health. Sunlight has a wealth of antibacterial, antifungal and vitamin D that is good for the body.

Benefits that we get from the sunbathe:

1. Sunshine helps maintain the muscles. If the body is lack of sunshine, the muscles turn to weaken and wussy.

2. Sunlight is good in the establishment of bones and teeth and good for hair growth.

3. Lowering blood pressure and kidney function becomes more efficient.

4. Sunlight maintains and increases the amount of alkali in the blood.

5. If a pregnant woman sunbathes on a regular basis, she will get help to relieve discomfort during pregnancy such as fatigue, back pain, and morning sickness.

When we're sunbathing we will feel the warmth from the sun. There are several types of sun rays which shining our bodies when we're sunbathing:

A. Rays of visible (white light) => the white light of the sun consists of seven different colors of light, as seen in the rainbow. Each color has a specific effect on the body.

B. Infra-red light => this light gives heat. The warmth of these rays can soothe the muscles, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

C. Ultra-violet rays => these rays are important. Vitamin D is produced in the body by the action of ultra-violet rays that fall on the skin. Sunlight is actually the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes a bone disease known as rickets.

Not only the skin that needs sunshine, but the whole body needs sunlight too. Sunbathe beneficial to improve health and increase body immunity.

How to sunbathe properly and safely?
These will be described on to sunbathe properly

1. Sunbathe is very well done for thirty minutes. If the skin is uncomfortable or feels very hot, that means there are indications of too much sun, so now you are advised to stop and take a bath.

2. When finished sunbathe, you should immediately take a cold shower, or wipe your body with a cold cloth.

3. It is better if the sunbathe is in the morning or evening. Never sunbathe during the day because it will actually cause the disease of the skin and you will actually feel so hot.

4. You should consume water when sunbathe, to avoid dehydration.

5. Do not forget to put on sunblock or sunscreen before sunbathe.

By familiarize yourself with the sunbathe in the morning and evening, hopefully you will have a healthier skin and body.
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