Hiding The Eye Bags And Dark Circles With Makeup

Hiding The Eye Bags And Dark Circles With Concealer
Lack of sleep is not good for health. Besides disrupt the health, lack of sleep also disturbing your performance. Lack of sleep will make your eyes look wistful with eye bags and dark circles around them.

This condition is of course reduce your confidence when get to work, especially if you are a career women who have to meet many clients.

To overcome eye bags and dark circles, there are some eye makeup tips to make your eyes just stay bright even after sleepless.

1. Apply SPF cream around the eyes
Apply your SPF cream around the eyes including the crease and brow bone to disguise the dark circles. No need to use a high SPF cream, just use sunblock cream that usually you use.

2. Use a concealer
Concealer works to cover shortfall in your face, including eyes. Choose a concealer color that matches the color of your skin to make it look natural. Concealer will help cover up dark circles around the eyes.

The use of concealer should not be too thick because this will cause the effect of wrinkles around the eyes.

3. Use a powder
Powder is used in order to concealer last longer. You need to apply the powder lightly and evenly in the area around the eyes to give a natural effect.

As a final step, you can choose brightly colored eye shadow and shades of shimmer to your eye makeup so it looks perfect.

The most important thing in order to keep your appearance stay fit, don’t forget resting enough, eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly

Good luck!
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