The Secret of Successful Weight Loss Program

Did you know? The secret of successful weight loss program is adjusted to the time of your activity. Biological factors can affect the body's muscle strength, lung function up to your body flexibility and coordination. How to get rid fat in your body twice as much is to follow your body clock.

Walking and riding a bike in the morning can increase your metabolism and helps trigger more burning calories and fat. The result of research at The Coooper Institute, Dallas, suggests that exercise in the morning can reduce weight 5 pounds more each month. Because the joints in the body in toned and harsh conditions in the morning. Moreover, it can also warm up the body gently.

To relieve stress, you should do yoga, tai chi or Pilates between 10 am and 2 pm. Flexibility of the joint 20 percent higher than in the morning, because the muscles and ligaments are two degrees warmer in the daytime as well as more flexible.

Muscle-building exercise such as weightlifting, push-ups and crunches at the end of evening can increase the fat burning. The reason is because the heart and the lungs are in excellent condition and the muscle strength 6 percent higher than in the morning.

Strength and flexibility of back muscles and arms are peaking in the evening. Therefore, it is very good for night time activities that require upper body force such as swimming and tennis because it can increase strength and speed of up to 20 percent.

In order to keep your ideal weight, so you should not only set up your diet, exercise must be done every day in accordance with the appropriate time.

Hopefully useful.
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