How to Prevent Halitosis Easily

Halitosis or bad breath is a condition that makes sufferer and those around him uncomfortable. Although not a disease and does not endanger the health, halitosis can be a sign of serious disease.

It is caused by protein that is rotting in the mouth, the anaerobic bacteria do not like oxygen, so they change the protein into gaseous sulfur compounds that smell. The presence of proteins in the mouth can’t be avoided because it comes from the food you eat, the bacteria are dead in the mouth, as well as dead cells are shed.

Saliva actually keeps bad breath under control as he washed bacteria and leftover food particles. Anaerobic bacteria can’t thrive if the saliva rich in oxygen and minerals in the mouth. So, when a person has trouble with his breath, usually his mouth is dry. Chronic dry mouth can be caused by the use of drugs.

All people produce sulfur compounds in the mouth, the more saliva in the mouth, it would be better, as it carries oxygen and antibodies that can kill anaerobic bacteria. The rest of the foods that are collected between the teeth can contribute to bad smell.

Using mouthwash, mouth spray or toothpaste that contains chlorine dioxide could help the formation of oxygen to bind to sulfur compounds so that the smell is not formed.

Begin to keep your oral hygiene as early as possible to avoid bad breath (halitosis).
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