How to Take Care of Dry Skin Properly

How to Take Care of Dry Skin Properly - Many women often complain about dry skin. Dry skin makes them less confident in running daily activities. Therefore, you must always take good care of your skin regularly to keep the skin healthy and soft as can be.

Before I share tips Taking Care of Dry Skin, it's good to discuss first a little about the causes of dry skin. There are two factors that cause dry skin. The First is external or natural factor such as (weather). Cold weather can cause the skin loses its fluid, it causes the skin moist decreases. As a result, the skin looks dry and scaly.

The Second, internal factor. For example the use of cosmetics that do not match the skin. This is because the reaction between the skin and the chemicals in cosmetics that is mismatch. In addition, dry skin can also occur because of nutritional deficiencies.

How to overcome dry skin, it's easy enough, just apply the hand & body lotion and moisturizing cream to the dry part. Then the dry skin will back to normal. But keep in mind, body lotions and creams contain many chemicals, if it is used continuously may damage skin tissue. Therefore, to prevent skin continue to have dryness, you have to perform regular skin care. Well, here are some skin care tips that you can do at home:

1. Drink Lots of Water
It is already very clear, since dry skin occurs due to lack of fluids. So, the realistic solution is must increase drinking water. You need to drink for about eight glasses of water every day. It is really effective to help overcome dry skin. Fresh water is not only good for your health, but also helps moisturize the skin.

2. Avoid bathe in hot or warm water
Avoid too often bathe with hot or warm water. Because taking a bath in hot water will reduce the moisture of your skin. Avoid washing your hands in hot water as well.

3. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
Fruits and vegetables are rich in many nutrients needed by the skin. Fruits are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E that can be used as a treatment for dry skin.

That a few tips and ways that could be taken to overcome dry skin. Hopefully with these tips, your dry skin immediately reduced and even disappears without any rest. Good luck.
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