How to Prevent Asthma Attacks Naturally

Asthma can affect anyone, from children to adults. In order to prevent asthma attacks there are some natural ways that you can do.

Asthma attacks are increasing in the last ten years. There are two factors that cause asthma, from outside (external) and inside (internal). External factors that cause asthma are allergies such as food, dust and animal feathers. While internal factors that triggered the emergence of asthma are stress, temperature changes and infection. Asthma always requires medical attention, but the natural ways can be used in conjunction with conventional therapy.

The first thing you have to keep is by taking vitamin C. Vitamin C contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the severity of the attack. Vitamin C is also important for the health of the adrenal glands. The second thing is to eat onions. The more garlic can help people with asthma. Mustard oil not only contains a mild antibiotic, but also helps reduce the viscosity of mucus that clogs the lungs that can cause breathing difficulties.

No less important is you have to train Respiratory. By doing yoga, you can practice breathing techniques correctly. In yoga, you learn to breathe properly. This method will reduce the CO2 in the lungs. This will relax the respiratory tract, thereby reducing the production of mucus and phlegm. Another way you can do is light exercise such as jogging, walking that will help launch your breathing. The lungs will expand better.

In addition, avoid carpet and mattress made of cotton in your home. Both of these objects potentially keep mites and asthma triggers that are difficult to eradicate. One more thing, avoid food that can trigger asthma attacks such as chocolate and ice. Although you have reduced the risk of asthma attacks, you should remember, ignored asthma can be fatal. Therefore, do not stop the medication without consulting your doctor.
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