4 Negative Health Effects of Coffee

Many people love coffee. A cup of coffee is greatly enjoyed during the morning or afternoon accompanied by some snacks to make the atmosphere more relaxed and calm.

Most of people who work mainly men are very happy to drink coffee. But, beyond the enjoyment while sipping coffee it is turned out to be pros and cons among the medical experts.

Some medical advice people to reduce or avoid caffeinated beverages, because the caffeine content in coffee can cause a variety of diseases such as:

1. The risk of heart attack.
Someone will be susceptible to high cholesterol when he consumes too much coffee. Since the terpenoid substances in coffee can increase cholesterol and hardened arteries.

2. Trigger depression.
One of the symptoms of depression is when a person is difficult to sleep soundly. This is because caffeine stimulates adrenaline to depression for 18 hours.

3. Impotence.
Very high caffeine can reduce sperm production. So when someone who is experiencing impotence could be because he is a coffee addict.

4. Digestion.
Caffeine in coffee is very easy to make stomach acid to be increased, so that the person will feel bloating or heartburn after drinking coffee.

Meanwhile, negative effects caused by coffee are like stains on teeth, and bad breath. While coffee also has a major benefit in the treatment of prevention of prostate disease.

If coffee is consumed in a reasonable level, the coffee will certainly provide a positive benefit to health.
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