Type Of exercise That Is Recommended During Pregnancy

Doing pregnancy workout for pregnant women has many benefits. By doing pregnancy exercise regularly during pregnancy will make easier for pregnant women when the childbirth process, prenatal workout also allows pregnant women to restore the body shape as previously.

The importance of exercise is to improve the cardiovascular, maintaining physical fitness, prepare the muscles for childbirth without experiencing stress because stress will cause disruption to the fetus. It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before doing prenatal workout. Here are some types of exercise for pregnant women and the benefits:

Walking is the easiest exercise for pregnant women. By walking, blood flow going smoothly, the muscles getting trained and it keep pregnant women stay fit. Pregnant women can do walking for 30 minutes per day. Stop if you feel tightness or bleeding, shortness, contracting and dizziness.

Swimming is good for muscles and ease to lose weight, it also benefits for the cardiovascular. It is recommended to drink every 15 minutes before and after swimming to avoid dehydration.

Prenatal Pilates
By doing prenatal Pilates, it will increase your fitness, help flex and strengthen the muscles that you need it later when the childbirth, maintain health and vitality.

Yoga is highly recommended, because it makes the body fit. The advantage of yoga is breathing techniques that makes relax and makes you calm it also reduce the fear of childbirth.

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