How to Care for Your Nails Properly

Nails can describe your medical condition. Even the appearance of nails in pregnancy can be an alert to detect a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body. Keep your nails health and clean.

Here are some tips on caring for your nails properly

1. For those of you who like to wear nail polish, preferably during the pregnancy leave your nails free to “breathe” with no nail polish. And keep short the nails.

2. Apply a moisturizing cream after every wash the hands or dishes.

3. Apply nail lotion to the nails before going to bed.

4. Wear the safety gloves when doing work that would mess and damage the nail.

5. Apply a moisturizing cream before wearing gloves.

6. Apply olive oil to strengthen the nails.

7. Before doing the dirty work, plug it into the bar soap to prevent dirt embedded in the nail.

8. Do not use nails to open the hard cover.

9. Do not bite your nails. Besides damaging the nail beds, also allows bacteria and fungi enter and infect.
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