How to Get Healthy Spine

For those of you who spent most of time in front of desk or computer, back pain is certainly a thing that is often experienced but often ignored. Whereas, your spine is important in maintaining the stability of the body. Thus, it is better to keep your spine healthy in order to always fit in the daily work routine.

Especially for those of you who spent many hours in a sitting position, here are few tips you need to know to keep your spine healthy.

1. Sit up straight with your back straight and shoulders back. Buttocks should touch the back of the chair. Because the backbone of your waist slightly bent forward, you can put a pillow to support it.

2. In order to know the best position when sitting, first, sit in the rear seat and then fold in deeply. Then raise your body while making the curve with the center at the waist as far as possible in the future. Then loosen the backward position. That’s the best position of your seat.

3. Center your body weight at one point to be balanced.

4. The position of the knee also has an important role. Therefore, bend your knees so higher than your hips.

5. Do not cross the legs. Footing should be used under the feet, but the position of the foot remains parallel to the floor.

6. Try to break every 30-45 minutes by standing and stretching for a moment.

7. Keep your hands comfortable as possible on the table. Do not forget, also rest your arm and your elbow.

8. If you want to retrieve something on the side or behind, do not twist your back. Rotate the entire body as a whole.

9. You can also do gymnastics on the sidelines of your spare time working to strengthen bones and muscles so that the back muscles in balance, In addition to do exercises, strengthen the back muscles can be achieved by exercising for 30 minutes on foot.
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