Things You Should Consider When Giving Medication To Children

Giving medicine to children should not be carelessly, because if not careful it could be toxic.

Why it could happens? Yes, because infants and children are the most vulnerable age groups react to medication. So the first important step is read the rules of use are listed on the packaging, then give the medication according to the recommended dosage. The following are some things you should consider when giving medication to children.

1. Prescription for another child
Prescription medication intended for another child, brother or sister can not be effective, even dangerous. So, give him just medicines were intended for him.

2. Expiration date
Immediately dispose medications that have expired. Because, after the expiration date, the medicines will be ineffective and could be hazardous materials.

3. Adult medicine
Giving children taking a little dose of medicines intended for adults can be risk in health problems. If the packaging or label is not listed doses for children, do not ever give medicine to the children.

4. Keep Carefully
We know that pill medicines are small, it can be swallowed by children. Likewise kind of syrup medicines, children might be consider as a soft drink. Therefore, be careful if you store medicines at home. Put them in the medicines box and out of reach of children.
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