Home Facial Treatments to Reduce Blackhead and Whitehead

Blackheads can disturb our appearance. We often do not think much about it and tend to panic when acne appears on our face.

Actually, if we diligently clean our face well, we will avoid any problems on our skin as well.

You should know more about your skin type so that you can care for and maintain the health of your skin.

There are two types of blackheads that often appear in our face. The first type is often referred to as Blackhead. It would seem like pores are enlarged and the color is black. The black color is due to the oxidation of the surrounding air.

The second type is Whitehead. It will be behind the epidermis that is blocked by dirt and grease. You can see it in your face. It looks like small lump under your skin.

How to remove them is very varied. You must be careful so that you can remove it and not make it worse.

You should be able to reduce Blackhead or Whitehead naturally from your face.

Here is a variety of natural ingredients that you can use to remove blackheads from your face. Everything is no side effects and is safe for your skin.

First, you can use egg white. Egg white is very important for home facial treatment. You can whisk the egg whites until no foam. You can rub the foam into the nose or other parts of the potentially affected fat, or acne.

Then cover your face with a tissue and wait until dry. You will be able to see the dirt or grease that is lifted in the tissue.

Second, you can use a scrub of vegetable or fruit. Vegetable that should be used is the fresh vegetable. You can use celery, apple, and lemon.

Mix and blend it all then you can apply on your face. Rinse with clean water and you can feel the results.

Third, you can use mask peas. It is very effective to get rid of blackheads on your face. You can apply the mask to your face. Wait for 30 minutes and then you can feel the benefits.

You can not get perfect results instantly. You have to be willing to be sick to get satisfactory results.

Choose a home facial treatment that suits your face type and needs and get a great result.
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