How to Overcome Smelly Breath Naturally

Smelly breath is certainly makes you less confident. Although your body is slim and charming, even though your face is gorgeous, though your hair is long and shiny, but if your breath is smell bad, it will makes your confidence disappear. And of course if you have smelly breath, and then someone else would be uncomfortable around you, even they get away from you.

Below I will describe some ways to get rid of smelly breath naturally.

Halitosis also known as bad breath is caused by numerous reasons for example eating certain foods, gum disease, smoking, dry mouth and oral bacteria. Besides brushing and visiting the dentist regularly, there are foods you can eat to fight bad breath.

To get rid of bad breath naturally, you could use some fruits that are already proven to be able to overcome bad breath naturally.

1. Apple
Apple is one of the best foods that can fight bad breath. Apple can help remove plaque on the teeth. If your mouth dry and bad breathe attack you, the water of the apple also help fight this problem. Apple can moisturize the mouth to remove bacteria.

2. Strawberry
Strawberry is another fruit that can be a solution to prevent bad breath. A strawberry not only prevents dry mouth, but also contains large amounts of vitamin C. If there is adequate vitamin C in your body, so it is very difficult for bacteria and germs to proliferate. Eating strawberries and other foods rich in vitamin C greatly reduce bad breath. In addition, if you take 2,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C daily, it would help you heal mouth and gum disease.

3. Yogurt
Certain dairy products can help eliminate bad breath. Consumption of yogurt daily also be able to prevent and reduce halitosis.

In a study presented to the International Association for Dental Research, Dr. Kenichi Hojo and his team of Japanese researchers found that sugarless yogurt reduces the stink compounds causing bad breath.

4. Mint leaves
Consume mint leaves besides giving a sense of fresh in your mouth, it is also efficacious to extinguish the bad breath.

5. Parsley
Parsley is a great herb that not only gets rid of bad breath, but also makes it smell better. Parsley has been used for centuries because they contain chlorophyll, which is acting as a breath freshener.
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