Treatments to Overcome Constipation in Infants

constipation in babies
Have you ever had constipation? Constipation is very annoying isn’t it? It is health problem that could happen to anyone. Then, what would happen if your babies are experiencing constipation? Here are the treatments to overcome constipation in infants.

1. Try to make him do a little exercise. For example, if your baby is able to crawl, make him to crawl back and forth several times. If your baby can not crawl yet, try to lift his feet while he slept on his back, move his legs slowly as if pedaling a bicycle.

2. Gently massage the baby's stomach. Measure about 3 fingers below the belly button and massage gently but give little pressure using your fingertips. Press until you feel the hard part. Do it for about 3 minutes.

3. If your baby is drinking formula, asks your doctor, should he change the brand of milk formula? In some babies, they rarely constipation if they drink soy milk.

4. If your baby has started eating solid foods, try reducing the portions of food that can cause constipation such as rice, bananas, and carrots that are cooked. Mommy could give a little apple juice or a few tablespoons of pear or apricot that have been mashed.

5. If the poop of your baby hardly gets out, usually it could tear the skin around the 'way out'. Mommy can apply aloe vera lotion on the skin that was torn.

6. If the above methods cannot overcome constipation in babies, talk to your pediatrician.

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